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Table Menu Ad Co. LED Truck
The Table / Menu Ad Co.

Mobile LED Billboard Truck Ads in North Florida

When advertisers need immediate attention, Mobile LED Billboard Truck Ads by The Table / Menu Ad Co., blasts your brand message right where consumers are. This OOH (Out of Home) advertising solution provides quick action ads that work. Buy immediate ad exposure to a preferred geo-targeted local audience across North Florida. You might also like our Mobile Vinyl Scrolling Truck Ads.

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Quick Action Ads

Our quick action ads are fast & effective advertising that really works.

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Long Term Ads

Our long-term ads bring stability while presenting your brand locally.

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Are You Ready For Your New Best Way To Advertise Your Company or Event?

Beach Box Ad Trucks bring attention to your brand with active consumers in Florida and beyond with their Mobile LED Billboard Trucks. These are state-of-the-art digital ad systems on wheels (see photo) with massive LED Screen technology, just like those stationary digital billboards stuck on the side the road, except Beach Box Truck Ads are in motion showcasing your brand.

Beach Box Ad Trucks stay in motion in the select areas of key communities that align with your desired ad audience at preferred times. It’s advanced targeting + geo-fencing + digital ads + Traditional ads + creative graphics that come to life with millions of colors bursting from the LED’s.

Have Any Marketing Questions?

Mobile LED Billboard Trucks provide full digital ad panels on each side and the rear of the box trucks. Each side panel is 1072px w X 620px h. And the rear ad panel is 620px w X 620px h. All ad copies submitted should be 300 dpi, layered source files (ideal) or PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG.

The Table / Menu Ad Co. are creative ad experts that can take your brand elements and spin them into a beautiful and powerful digital ad. We’ll work with you to get everything oh-so-perfect and get approval before going live. You are always in control of your advertising with Beach Box Ad Trucks.

Absolutely. Beach Box Ad Trucks have been seen all over the United States cruising along the roadways of the coolest communities. And our ad trucks are perfect for events and grand openings and special sales events and so much more. If there is something happening that needs some BIG Attention, these ad trucks are it.

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